To be recognized as a full-fledged center for learning and research in various fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through industrial collaboration and provide consultancy for solving the real time problems.


  1. To inculcate a spirit of research and teach the students about contemporary technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering to meet the growing needs of the industry.

  2. To enhance the practical knowledge of students by implementing projects based on real time problems through industrial collaboration.

PSO1: Achieve a thorough understanding of electrical & electronics engineering principles, demonstrating expertise in the design, analysis, and optimization of electrical systems, including such as electrical circuits, power systems, switchgear, machinery, power electronics, and control systems.

PSO2: Skillfully employ advanced tools and technologies to address complex challenges in electrical and electronics engineering, promoting adaptability in the swiftly evolving technological arena.

PSO3: Integrate ethical principles, sustainable practices, and strong communication skills to navigate and resolve societal and environmental challenges within the domain of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

PEO1: Utilize domain knowledge required for analyzing and resolving practical Electrical Engineering problems.

PEO2: Willing to undertake inter-disciplinary projects, demonstrate the professional skills and flair for investigation.

PEO3: Imbibe the state-of-the-art technologies in the ever-transforming technical scenario.

PEO4: Exhibit social and professional ethics for sustainable development of the society.