To be in a position of an enhanced national and global reputation as a department offering excellent educational programs and undertaking research and development activities in electronics and communication engineering.


  1. Continued focus on excellence in teaching and learning by investing in faculty and staff development and resources

  2. Promoting an all-round development of our students through curricular and co-curricular activities that instill a spirit of social responsibility, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

  3. Promoting high-quality research leading to publications in reputed journals and patents

  4. Building partnerships with leading academic institutions and industries

PSO1: An ability to apply knowledge of basic science and engineering to understand various real-world problems of Electronics and Communication Engineering systems.

PSO2: An ability to apply domain knowledge to design and solve the state of art requirements of Electronics industry.

PSO3: An ability to change work environment by selecting and applying cutting edge engineering hardware and software tools to analyze and improve systems, processes for a variety of applications as well as to interpret or synthesize the simulated and experimental data leading to valid conclusions aimed at the furtherance of research activities.

PEO1: To prepare the students for professional careers and higher studies in the field of Electronics & Communication engineering.

PEO2: To utilize their knowledge, skills and resources to design, invent and develop novel technology and find creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems in a multidisciplinary work environment.

PEO3: To develop attitude in lifelong learning, applying and adapting new ideas and technologies as their field evolves.