Education is the key to unlock the golden door of success. Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan has indeed given all of us the key to success; he was great visionary and Muslim reformer of the 20th century the like of whom is rare. He wanted to make the community and country progressive and take them forward on a modern line. His Supreme interest was the intellectual development of the Minority community thought Modern Education. The interest of the Youth’s Development was dearer to him rather than any anything else.

He was successful in making the youth understand the importance of modern education and endeavour their best to achieve it in order to stand on their own feet and live a dignified life. He led a selfless life and devoted his entire life for the betterment of society and the minority community in particular. Because of his dedicated services towards the education of minorities he is rightly called a “Sir Syed of Deccan”.

Dr. Vizarath Rasool Khan
Founder and Chief Promoter,
Dr. V.R.K Educational Society



Welcome to the esteemed Dr. V.R.K Education Society, where educational excellence and innovation converge under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan. Serving as the Chairman, he is a beacon of dedication, enlightenment, and vision, committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in technical education at the Dr. V.R.K Women’s College of Engineering & Technology. Inheriting and advancing the visionary legacy of his father, Dr. Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan, Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan tirelessly works towards disseminating education, with a particular emphasis on minority students, striving to make quality education accessible to all. His unique approach involves imparting education by choice, instilling in students a strong sense of character, dedication, and nationalism for societal upliftment.

Institutional Overview:
Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan, the Dr. V.R.K Women's College of Engineering & Technology and other affiliated institutions, including Schools, Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges, Professional Colleges, and Medical Colleges, are strategically located across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. All these institutions prioritize international standards and values, reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence in education.

Unique Management Style:
Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan is a rare breed of educationalist who integrates quality into every facet of life. His compassionate core and modest demeanor shine through, undeterred in his conviction to execute tasks to perfection. The lush green environment, expansive buildings, well-equipped laboratories, and unparalleled student discipline stand as shining examples of his distinctive management style.

Commitment and Vision:
Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan's unwavering commitment and extensive knowledge in the field of education propel the Dr. V.R.K Women's College of Engineering & Technology and affiliated institutions to greater heights. The institution aligns with a visionary set of goals, including setting high standards in professional education for minority and underprivileged girls, spreading education to remote areas, and fostering a dynamic campus environment.

Embark on a transformative journey with us at Dr. V.R.K Education Society, where commitment, vision, and quality education converge to shape the future of aspiring minds, especially for minority and underprivileged girls

Mr. Mohammed Shah Alam
Rasool Khan

B.Tech,M.Tech,( Ph.D.)
Dr. V.R.K Educational Society



Mrs. Shadan Tehniath, Secretary, Shadan Educational Society is wife of Founder Chairman Dr Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan and she is the mother of Mr Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan, Chairman of Shadan Educational Society. Shadan Educational Society has established Shadan Women’s College of Engineering and Technology after gaining vast experience in running educational institutions offering degree programs in Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Commerce, education and Post Graduate programs. The Society aims to capitalize on its rich experience to mould this college into a world-class institute. It reaffirms its commitment to continuously improve the quality of engineering education for women by providing excellent infrastructural facilities

Mrs. Shadan Tehniath
Dr. V.R.K Educational Society


Joint Secretary

Dr. Zehra Khan, Joint Secretary, Shadan Educational Society is Daughter in law of Founder Chairman Dr Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan and she is wife of Mr Mohammed Shah Alam Rasool Khan, Chairman of Shadan Educational Society.. Shadan Women’s College of Engineering and Technology is continually molding students by using dedicated faculty with their technical guidance and versatile teaching methodology which enables ardent students to become self – reliant engineers of tomorrow. In keeping with engineering education as a dignified service in mind, the Shadan Educational Society has facilitated many indispensable features.

Dr. Zehra Khan
MBA, Ph.D.

Joint Secretary, Dr. V.R.K Educational Society





Dr. B. Sasi Kumar, a distinguished academician and administrator, serving as the Principal of DRVRKWCET. With a profound educational background, he earned his B.E (CSE) degree from Bharathidasan University in 1989, M.E (CSE) degree from Madras University in 2001 and completed his Ph.D. from ANNA University in 2011. Dr.Sasi Kumar brings to the institution over 34 years of rich experience in academics, administration (14 years as Principal and 12 years as HOD), and research.

Dr. B. Sasi Kumar has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of the institution. His commitment to academic excellence is evident through his guidance to more than 200 UG and PG Computer Science & Engineering students. With an extensive research portfolio, he has authored over 30 papers in various international journals. Furthermore, he has successfully guided two Ph.D. research scholars and is currently supervising two more under Anna University.

As the Principal of DRVRKWCET, Dr. B.Sasi Kumar envisions the institution as a nurturing ground for young minds, encouraging and challenging students to excel and become the best version of themselves. He emphasizes a system of education that integrates state-of-the-art technology with a global perspective, preparing students to be world citizens of tomorrow.

In his role, Dr. B. Sasi Kumar is dedicated to fostering an exciting and invigorating learning environment, where students take center stage in teaching and learning. The collaborative efforts of a dedicated staff, working and learning together in collegiate teams, aim to maximize students' potential through effective teaching strategies and support systems.

Recognizing the importance of parents and caregivers as valued partners, Dr. B. Sasi Kumar encourages their active involvement in the learning journey of their children. He believes in the holistic development of students, emphasizing the need to educate not only their minds but also their hearts.

Dr. B. Sasi Kumar's leadership philosophy revolves around building the youth for the future, equipping them to face the challenges of tomorrow while ensuring an enjoyable learning experience. He inspires all DRVRKWCET students to focus on their goals, transcend mediocrity, and strive for excellence. In his words, "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Dr. B. Sasi Kumar
Dr. V.R.K Educational Society